Love is Everywhere

NoDowJowNinSongz: Love is everywhere, its inside of you. Love is everywhere, you don't need a mate. Love is everywhere, you don't need to fornicate. Love is everywhere, all you need to breath.
Love ... its everywhere. Its in the land on which you stand, the water that you drink, the fire that you see, and inside the air you breath.

Afterall, the elements are only 2nd level duality representing spring, winter, summer, & autumn respectively. Those come after yin & yang, evil & good, cold & hot, high & low, circle & lines, round & straight, expansion & contraction.

Please excuse my amateur singing I started practising chanting only recently xP

FunFax! This came to me shortly after a minor Parkour stride strain injury whereby I missed my target Been a while since my last injury doing backflips :P
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: 3 Be natural, be ninja; Be thre3e (ready mind, open mind, loving mind), be fre3e (enlightened) 3 :

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Credits: Mowrad Rownak Flowrendo, parkour injury :P

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