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veganism & "civilization"

Just cause we CAN eat meat doesn't mean we have to; humans can consume a lot of crazy shit (like sand, urine, milk - after infancy - and .. hen periods - egg - and even metal) but the question is what is optimal for both the human & ecosystem. Farming is definitely not as good as eating from the wild and though we were hunter gatherers, we were mostly gatherers. Also, herders had completely different conditions for their herd, while farmers did not use chemical pesticides. Plant Agriculture (although preferably with natural pesticides as that also otherwise pollutes the soil & waters as well also killing insects & animals) is way closer to our nature than Animal Agriculture. It's just a question of the most natural alternative, and just cause there were practises like rape and slavery in all "civilizations" doesnt mean they have to continue. As technology progresses we also must balance by progressing spirituality in tandem otherwise it's over breh. As

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