3LAW barefoot curb Tao Chi jogging


NoDowJowNinInfow: 3LAW barefoot curb Tao Chi jogging focusing on 6 things (plus filming & narrating hhh): path under & ahead, foot placement area, foot placement method, core for balance, breathing for endurance, hands for synchronization & strengthening).

It builds great core & leg joint strength especially ankles necessary for any art that involves jumping such as Parkour. It also is part of shinobi iri (stealth movement) of taijenjutsu (evasion) of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu of Ninjutsu, and helps with natural well-being as a whole especially for spine.

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: 3 Be natural, be ninja; Be thre3e (ready mind, open mind, loving mind), be fre3e (enlightened) 3 :

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www.NoDojo.Ninja (just a.. cloud drive.. site) for badass natural ninja goodies such as copper & clay containers / yoga mats / natural tea leaf varieties and tutorials in the near future xD

WhatsApp / Viber +971 55 919 6179 to join mysterious but natural Ninjutsu / creative but challenging calisthenics (nature / urban workout, natural / parkour workout, ninjutsu workout, street workout, weapons workout, dancing, Pilates, element & martial workouts) / 3LAW Pholosophy & Yoga on demand whether world wide online or offline in Abu Dhabi (esp. Reem Island) or Dubai (esp. Marina).

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Credits: Mowrad Rownak Flowrendo, Fouad Araji for teaching basic Tao Chi, sexy bodz by godz

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